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Verax Law staff has over 20 years of experience with the Research and Development Tax Credit. Our staff is able to assist clients that have never completed an R&D study or clients that are looking to optimize their current R&D fillings. Verax Law is able to assist with both state and federal R&D matters.

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R&D Tax Credit

What is it?

The R&D tax credit is available to many types of business and delivers an immediate and significant benefit for undertaking innovative activities. Many of the everyday activities of businesses in various sectors qualify for this powerful tax credit. The R&D tax credit can immediately benefit a business by providing a significant source of cash and reduction in tax liabilities.


Minimize your tax liability

According to the IRS, each year less than 33% of companies that have eligible R&D expenses actually apply for the credit. The R&D tax credit represents cash back for reinvestment or other needs, creating a significant competitive business advantage. Many states also offer R&D tax credits.

Qualifying Activities

Simple four-part test

R&D tax credit eligibility largely depends on whether the work you are conducting meets the criteria established by the IRS in its four-part test: 1.Qualified Purpose; 2. Elimination of Uncertainty; 3. Technological in Nature; 4. Process of Experimentation.

Claiming Your Credit

We can recommend a tax professional

Verax Law does not provide accounting services. A qualified tax professional can help you calculate and claim all of your eligible R&D tax credits. Federal and state filing requirements vary, so be sure to work with your accountant on supplying the required documentation to each government entity.

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